Peril in Necville: Unveiling the Secrets of the Glass Castle

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Desperate Times in Necville: The Lure of the Glass Castle’s Mysteries

It was a cold, misty night in the Town of Necville in the 14th century. James’ family started to get the plague. He was trying to seek help from the plague doctors walking around town, trying to help as many people as they could. But, there was crazy talk in the town of Necville about a strange doctor. People warned the townsfolk to be very careful because he would invite people who were sick to his castle and promised to cure them, but those people never came back. James was uncertain of what to believe, but he knew he had to get help for himself and his family. Unfortunately, he had to hold off for a bit since they didn’t have enough money, and he didn’t want to run into the strange doctor.

The next morning, James and his brothers went to do some hunting. They were running low on food, and they surely needed to acquire something to eat for supper. They were just on the outskirts of Necville, deep in the forest, brushing sweat off their face and trying to dodge the tree branches when Anthony, James’ oldest brother, got tired of walking and searching for deer to hunt. So he suggested going a different route from what they’re used to.

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Peril in Necville: Unveiling the Secrets of the Glass Castle
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“Are you crazy? We don’t know any other routes, and we need to get home before dark. We have to take care of Mama and Papa,” said Andrew, James’ youngest brother.

But Anthony insisted they go a different route.

“C’mon, I’ve been hunting by myself, and I know this route. We will be fine, brothers. It will be faster, too!” said Anthony.

Both confused, James and Andrew looked at each other and shrugged, and decided to go.

Lost in the Shadows: The Brothers’ Ill-Fated Journey to the Glass Castle

It was getting a little bit dark. All three brothers were exhausted. They had no luck finding deer or game. It seemed like something scared off all wildlife. Nevertheless, they persisted on.

“Where are we?” said James.
“Shut up, lil bro, I know where we’re going. Just be patient. We will find something soon.” said Anthony.
“I don’t know about this y’all. This is giving me the chills. It’s getting dark, and it seems like we’re lost,” said Andrew.
“Bro, shut up. We’re not lost,” said Anthony. “Hey guys, what does this sign mean?” said James.

All three brothers looked at a sign that said, “Castillo de Adonis.”

“I’ve never seen this before.” Said Anthony with great confusion.
“Look! It even has an arrow pointing that way!” said James.
“Well, let’s go check it out!” said Anthony.
“NO! We need to get home, guys. It’s getting dark, and Papa and Mama are very ill and sick, and we need to go back,” said Andrew.
“I agree,” added James. “Look, we’re going to go check it out and see what this means. Maybe we can get lucky and find something to hunt down. I’m your older brother, and I will get us home safe. Promise.” said Anthony.
“Ok, fine, let’s go quickly,” said James nervously. All three brothers got on the trail that led them to somewhere they would soon regret.

They were reaching a huge castle. It was about 30 stories up. It started to Thunderstorm and huge winds started to occur. All of the birds flew away as soon as they arrived at the front door. There were huge gargoyles all over the massive castle. And there was a cold, chill feeling.

“What is this man?!” said Andrew.
“I don’t know, but I don’t like this one bit!” said James.
“We should get out of here before something bad happens. It’s already raining, and it’s dark!” added James.
“It’s ok, guys. Let’s see if anyone is in here. Maybe they will let us stay the night.” said Anthony.
“Dude, are you not freaked out?! It’s a huge castle with all these weird statutes, and it’s in the middle of the forest!” said James.
“Well, what other option do we have? It’s already dark, and there’s no way we can get home now. I say we at least see if there’s someone home, and maybe they can help us out for the night.” said Anthony.

Both James and Andrew looked at each other and agreed to go in.

Dark Discoveries: Unveiling the Secrets of the Glass Castle

They took some final steps, reaching the huge, concrete front door, and knocked. But no answer. Once more, they knocked, but nothing. Chill ran back their spines. They knew this was a bad idea, but this was their only option.

“I say we just go in, guys,” said Anthony, eager to get inside.
“Well, like you said, what other option do we have?” said James.
“Let’s get this over with,” added Andrew very quietly.

All three brothers walked in through the massive entryway. But as soon as they walked in, they saw something that was very wrong. Deer heads were hanging off the ceiling, covered in blood. There were satanic symbols on the wall. And there was a very nasty smell. All three brothers were in great shock, mouths wide open, gagging. And on the floor were some dead bodies with their heads chopped off.

“OMG!! What is this?!” said Andrew nervously.
“Guys… I think that’s why we couldn’t find any deer to hunt! And those bodies, I think they’re the people who went missing from Necville! Guys, I think we’re In the home of that strange plague doctor everyone has been talking about!!!! I guess he really is real!” cried out James.

And as soon as James said that, right behind the three brothers was the plague doctor. Ready. For. Them.


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