Rupi Kaur’s Femininity in Literature: Exploring the Essence

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Appreciating the Poetic Craftsmanship

An author I have always admired and who has written a couple of my favorite books is Rupi Kaur. Rupi Kaur is an Indian poet who now lives in Canada. I have always loved poetry, as it gives certain imagery and has a rhythm to it. The author can express themselves creatively through metaphors, similes, and personification. I enjoy taking apart the lines and really trying to understand the message the author is trying to convey. Rupi Kaur’s poems are pretty straightforward, with a clear message. Most of her writings are accompanied by drawings, which are really gorgeous and help view the poem.

Empowering Themes of Femininity

My personal favorite book by Rupi Kaur is ‘Milk & Honey.’ This book is her first collection of poems. It has a lot of themes, the main one being femininity. Kaur’s words are very personal, and they really speak to me. She uses her poetry to apprehend common experiences that are not talked much about. She tells the truth of her own experiences, and this inspires me to speak my own truth. This book is split into four sections, ‘The Hurting,’ ‘The Loving,’ and ‘The Breaking,’ and ‘The Healing.’ ‘The Hurting’ focuses on Kaur’s childhood abuse, ‘The Loving’ talks about her first romantic relationship, ‘The Breaking’ talks about heartbreak, and ‘The Healing’ focuses on the healing process, liberation, and the ability to unlearn the destructive instructions she was taught about love, sex, and femininity growing up.

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Rupi Kaur's Femininity in Literature: Exploring the Essence
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The Empowering Aura of ‘The Healing’

My favorite section in this book is ‘The Healing.’ Rupi Kaur empowers women through the concept of self-love. Being able to relate to most of the words written by Kaur has inspired me to become more positive and strong. Her words give me a feeling of confidence that even though I have faced difficulties in the past, I can work toward a better future. Kaur’s poetry comforts me, and she reiterates that every being is born unique and is important in this world.

Resonating Empowerment in Kaur’s Poetry

Rupi Kaur’s poems remind women of their own personal power. Her work is almost an imploration for action to women everywhere to accept themselves and celebrate womanhood. Kaur shows how being a woman can be power, something that she and many other women do not recognize in their own lives. In World Literature this semester, I want to gain knowledge and understanding of different types of writing. I want to be able to not only analyze text but really understand it. A book is so much more than words; there is a whole other meaning beneath them. That is something I have not always paid attention to, but it is a skill I would like to gain from this class.


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