Should College Be Free: Exploring the Pros and Cons

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Should college be free? This a question of many debates. College is one of the most expensive things you’ll ever spend on. From the tuition, books, living cost, and food to anything else you might need, the money stacks up. Many people in the middle and lower class are left in severe debt that would take years to pay off. People will grow up living in unsavory conditions. This causes many people to go pro-free college. Wanting their children to have a better start in life.

Body: Pros of Free College Education

Equity and Accessibility

Free college will let more people in the lower class go to college. People who tend to have more money and can pay for free college tend to look to the cons of free college. The wait lists will be long, and the college may run out of money. There will be a drastic rise in workers in a short amount of time; this will cause many to have jobs in their fields. College is one of the most important parts of someone’s life.

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Should College Be Free: Exploring the Pros and Cons
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Economic Mobility

Free college comes with many pros to it. Many more potential workers in fields we need will go to college. Smarter people from lower-income families will be getting jobs that benefit from their expertise. More people would be going into fields that they would blossom in. Lower-income families would be able to get jobs to support them. Their children would be able to build up their life and their family’s lives, living life without the pressure of being constantly stressed.

Specialization and Job Placement

Lower-income families could receive education to get better-paying jobs. Students will have more freedom to learn what they wish. They will enjoy working, therefore raising the population’s happiness. People would do jobs they like therefore putting more effort into their work. Finally, we will have a smarter nation that will make better decisions and can solve more difficult challenges.


With the pros to free college come the cons to it. Since so many people would be going to college, the wait lists would be long. In extreme cases, people could wait years before they could get in. Many would not be able to go because of the surge of people. Colleges would be overcrowded, and many might not get the help they need. Housing will be almost impossible to get. The money would eventually run thin. State budgets would get strained, and many colleges will close. Many activities would be shut down because there would be no money to support him.


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