Should Everyone Go to College: Hard Work in Higher Education

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We, as humans, all went to school. Seven hours a day, five days a week. Many people in my classes, myself included, complain about going to school all day. It seems like everyone felt as if it was a duty, not a privilege. But since I included being forced to go, it’s a chore for me. If college was a right, there wouldn’t be an emphasis on finding your path and working hard to achieve what you desire. If college was a right, there would be many financial implications, debt, and not earning things the right way.

The Complexities of Making College a Right

But beyond that, the financial implications of this free college plan are more complex than they seem. If the Democrat Party was elected to the executive branch, they would have wanted to impose a higher tax on the portion of the population whose income is higher than a certain level. But if that higher class is paying for our college educations, what motivation do we have to work to pay for it ourselves? All the higher classes worked hard to be where they are today, and we should have to work hard to get to the same level as them.

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Should Everyone Go to College: Hard Work in Higher Education
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The federal government is under no obligation to assure that any person can attend any college they desire. Most hard-working people further believe that college is a place for those with the minds and dedication to profit from it, not for just any person who somehow manages to barely pass high school and go to a superior university. Today, it seems that college is not for everyone, and not everyone is for college. This may seem an obvious truth, but it’s one we’ve long since lost sight of in our insane race to wrap every American in a cold lie.

Another important aspect of the college plans that Americans want is to lower interest rates for current college students. They also want the ability to, if they have any debt, just let the taxpayers pay for them and not work for what they need to pay off. The focus of the college is to help students help themselves and teach people how to be hard-working, honest people. Would you like it if you had to pay for someone else’s college just because they think they deserve it?


In conclusion, we as Americans need to step up and pay for ourselves, work hard to achieve what we want in life, and should not be taken as a right but as a privilege. Do you really want to be living in a world where you have to get someone else to pay for you and not have the chance to say, “I earned that by hard work and dedication?”


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