Steinbeck’s ‘Of Mice and Men’: Themes of Friendship, Tragedy, and Society

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The Journey of Lennie and George in “Of Mice and Men”

Lennie and George are extremely good buddies on a road journey. However, this isn’t the fun shape of a road journey with wacky adventures. They’re broke and looking for work on the farms of Northern California. The broken element is a problem, given that they’ll be making plans on proudly owning a farm someday. George is the brains within the decrease back of this operation, at the same time as Lennie is, well, some crayons brief of a 164-colorations box. The duo can’t keep down jobs for long, thanks to Lennie’s childlike mentality and bizarre
fetish for biting things, which incorporates mice, rabbits, puppies, and women.

Struggles and Characters at the Ranch in “Of Mice and Men”

Good fortune smiles upon them in short when they get paintings at a ranch near Soledad, California. Their co-workers encompass Candy, Crooks, and Curley. We study that Curley also has a new associate, who no character is allowed to test her. We additionally meet Slim, our nearby and sensible ranch demigod, and Carlson, a callous ranch hand, who tells Candy to adopt an ultra-modern domestic dog and shoot his old dog because it is smelly. But, given that Candy cannot deliver himself to shoot the old dog, Carlson does it for him. Nice, Carlson. And that’s not the best act of violence: Curley is itching for combat after he suspects Slim of making time together with his girl, so he gets right into a brawl with Lenni. Woohoo, Saturday night! This means time for drunken visits to the whorehouse for a max of the farmhands.

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Steinbeck's 'Of Mice and Men': Themes of Friendship, Tragedy, and Society
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Loneliness and Desperation in “Of Mice and Men”

Slim, Lennie, Crooks, and Candy are putting once more at the ranch speakme approximately their farm-proudly proudly owning desires when Curley’s wife suggests as a whole lot as teasing them interested in being weak, as they were left on the return of while the others went whoring. When Crooks tries to get her to go away from his room, she explodes, reminding him that he is a ‘black man’ and that she may need to have him ‘strung up on a tree so smooth it ain’t even funny.’ That’s precisely the buzzkill it sounds like, and the birthday party breaks up.

Tragedy and Symbolism in the Conclusion of “Of Mice and Men”

On Sunday afternoon, Lennie’s inside the barn with a dead puppy. He admonishes the doggy for ‘going and getting killed,’ which we expect is clearly not lots the puppy’s fault as it is Lennie’s. Just then, Curley’s partner walks into the barn and gives up her hair as a petting object. She worries about him messing it up, though, and as she wriggles to keep away from a ruined hairdo, Lennie panics and, all over again, accidentally breaks her neck and kills her. He runs off in a panic. Again.

Candy discovers Curley’s wife’s frame and runs out to George, who identifies it as traditional Lennie handiwork. When Curley reveals it, he’s ready to specify a few vigilante-fashion justice—however, Slim and George need a nobler loss of life for their friend, who is presently hiding out in his secure spot and hallucinating about bunnies.

Finally, George suggests up. He’s appearing all weird, so we’re pretty powerful. AA few components bad are prepared to happen. And it does. George starts speaking about their dream farm and tells Lennie to look out over the river and not forget it—and then shoots him in the head. When the vigilantes display up, George tells a tale about how Lennie got shot in a battle as George tried to take the gun away. Slim gets it; however, absolutely everyone else is confused about why George is upset.

Resemblances and Symbolism in “Of Mice and Men”

To me, this book resembles the difference in society. This resembles the difference between the weak and the strong and the struggles that the people faced during the Dust Bowl. Another thing to know is that a gun is not only a way of killing but also a sign of love and compassion. Do not let one suffer. This is just one of the things I think the book resembles. The difference in society and the power that other people have against certain people that they believe that they are better than certain people in society.

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