Tackling Nursing Shortages: Challenges and Solutions

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Over the years, it is possible many have heard the claims that the number of nurses available does not satisfy the required number of nurses for efficient operation. On the other hand, the reports do not add up as the number of nurses that graduate is at a high rate. However, from an article written by Lenny Ruhl, a clear understanding has been developed of the primary challenge that is making this matter a real hazard (Lenay Ruhl, 2017).

Shortage of Nurses

According to the article, the United States is one of the leading nations that has put its medical and health sector at the forefront of its entire system, even before economics. This is so since the government believes that health is the pillar of economics. Nonetheless, nurses are the main piece of the healthcare sector, which makes it a challenge anytime that nurses are on burnouts or are less in the industry. Below is a discussion and summary of the elements that have been pointed out by the article to be the main reasons that lead to the nation having a shortage of nurses.

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Tackling Nursing Shortages: Challenges and Solutions
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Before the introduction of the Affordable Care Act health care insurance policy in 2010, people had access to health care as it was far easier to cater to the bills. Considering that many healthcare sectors have been developed during a time when patients were minimal, the industry is yet to adapt to the increase in patients (Lenay Ruhl, 2017). The rise in patients has also become rampant as a result of new and developed medical technologies that are making it possible for people to live longer and be able to live through any medical conditions.

The education forum has also gradually shifted as a result of new technologies, constant developments, and stern innovations being developed over time. This is an apparent struggle for the medical and nursing units as the educational facilities cannot keep up. This makes it difficult for many nurses to attain jobs as they are not qualified. The notion that the nursing business or career is one that does not offer ample time for anyone to have much freedom is a very challenging factor that causes many people to walk away from choosing a career (Lenay Ruhl, 2017).

All in all, this challenge can be catered for in two unique manners, the first being developing a medical unit that contains nurses that can be able to travel from the pharmaceutical sector to another. The struggle can also be fixed by developing a medical training and learning regime under every medical institution where the nurses can have free time to attend schools and build their careers rather than being laid off or not being offered work. These methods are said to be the best methods to ensure that the medical nursing sector does not crumble.


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