Terrorism’s Invisible Threat: The Rise of Bio-Terrorism

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These days, terrorism is the most serious problem in a harmonious society. It can be attacks on air travel, bio-terrorism, or assaults on symbolic sites. About these attacks from terrorism, I think bioterrorism is the most significant threat.

Understanding Bioterrorism: Silent, Deadly, and Underestimated

What is bio-terrorism? It is a planned release of infectious viruses and bacteria with the intention of causing disability or death. Comparing this kind of attack with others, we can see it is more dangerous. Other kinds of terrorism can be seen, so it is possible to avoid the attack, but the virus is different; which is an invisible attack. Once people realize they are attacked, it is already too late.

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Terrorism's Invisible Threat: The Rise of Bio-Terrorism
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By the way, it seems that terrorists can easily get the virus to release. The anthrax letter case in the United States shows that a few grams of anthrax pathogens will have a serious impact on a large country. The terrible thing is that a person can easily produce 5g of anthrax pathogens with college-level basic knowledge of biology, a small room, and some necessary equipment. However, there are few effective measures to avoid bioterrorism attacks. Generally, there are only two methods, namely, timely and efficient intelligence reconnaissance and better biological protection systems.

From Farms to Cities: The Wide-Reaching Impacts of Biological Attacks

Biological attacks can paralyze any country, even the most developed. In addition to the huge casualties and economic losses, it will also cause panic among residents. This kind of attack not only has strong concealment but also takes a long time and often lasts for quite a long time. If every day there is a situation of new diseases and new infections that continues for a few weeks, society will begin to feel uneasy about it, with many people no longer going out to work and not daring to open envelopes, companies closing, fewer visitors, and fewer social and political activities.

Terrorists may use chemical weapons or biological weapons to attack agricultural enterprises or the food industry. Attacking fields and farms is much easier than attacking military bases or government buildings, but the resulting losses and impacts are immeasurable. The farmers and workers will get sick, and nobody can produce food and goods. After the attack happens, it is difficult to identify people or institutions engaged in these activities; terrorist organizations or individuals may not be known for a considerable period of time after carrying out biological attacks.

It is said Al Qaeda has shown a strong interest in biological attacks. Methods of making biological weapons have been published on the Internet. According to Interpol, bio-terrorism has become the biggest security threat in the world, not only because of the huge destructive power of biological attacks but also because the police of all countries in the world are unprepared for such attacks.

Bio-terrorism is so serious that people’s attention to national security can not be limited to normal weapons. The bioterrorism attack can hurt more people and is easier to do. I consider it the most significant threat.


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