Unveiling the Global Warming Challenge and Urging Action

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Understanding the Global Phenomenon

Concern as it does now. No matter how much we know about it, we as a society seem to ignore the future disasters that global warming will bring. We all have an obligation to reduce the consequences of this issue as much as we can because it is a global problem which exactly means that everyone on this planet is involved. This phenomenon has a powerful impact on almost everything in our lives: our climate, our health, and our environment as well.

Origins and Natural Causes

Global warming is a natural phenomenon that includes an increase in the average Earth’s temperature due to energy being trapped within the Earth like a greenhouse. This has been a phenomenon throughout the history of the world, but it really became an issue over the past few hundred years because of an anthropogenic increase in greenhouse gasses.

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Unveiling the Global Warming Challenge and Urging Action
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This phenomenon has been occurring naturally as a result of the rotation of the Sun, which changes the intensity of radiation hitting the Earth. Natural processes, such as volcano products, can create a huge amount of Sulphur dioxide and other gasses, which affects global warming as well. Once these gasses become released and free, they help at trapping more solar radiation within the Earth.

Human Contributions and Resulting Impacts

The reason why this is such an issue nowadays and should be taken seriously is that humans have major contributions to greenhouse gasses. Modern technology and new lifestyles have resulted in human activities that produce a lot of greenhouse gasses, such as deforestation, the combustion of fossil fuels, and industrial action. This phenomenon and greenhouse gasses are very problematic because they raise the Earth’s temperature, but what effect will global warming have on our planet in the near future? Polar ice caps are likely to melt, which will cause terrible flooding all over the world; there will also be an increase in natural disasters that are going to be very harmful to everyone living on this planet.

The greatest danger for human society represents the melting of polar ice caps. As Earth’s temperature increases, these large masses of ice and snow melt and influence the sea level to rise all over the world. In the same way, glaciers will melt and create problems on land as well. According to scientists and their research on global warming, if all that snow and ice melted today, it would result in a raised sea level of over 200 feet worldwide and would instantly harm every low-lying area, such as Holland and other islands over the world. It is very sad that most of the countries that will be affected directly are usually the ones that contribute the least or not at all to global warming and natural disasters in general.

It is not only that humans will suffer when this great disaster occurs. Even though humans are mostly involved and are the main cause of this particular problem, biodiversity will suffer all over the world as well. Many species will die off as they won’t be able to adapt to this change, and they simply won’t be able to survive in a new environment. Natural disasters such as hurricanes and tsunamis will occur much more often; just hurricane damage alone will result in billions of dollars worldwide needing to be spent.

Some places will definitely experience more rain and some less. Warmer weather will cause a greater amount of evaporation and leaking from lakes, rivers, and oceans. In northern regions of the United States, an increase in the temperature and rain could actually extend the growing season of crops. This would automatically mean more money for farmers in that specific region. It could also hurt some farmers. Certain areas will actually get less rain, which will cause more droughts and have a negative influence. Warm and wet weather very often brings many tropical storms. This weather would actually lead to tropical storms appearing with much greater frequency. Forests and plant life would migrate naturally, but scientists say that global warming would cause them to migrate at a much faster rate.

As a society, there are many ways we can practically use to prevent global warming and reduce its effects as much as we can. However, it will be difficult for many people to change their daily routines and ways of living in order to help our planet and have an influence on this great issue so we, as humans, can live longer on this planet Earth as well. In the beginning, we could stop burning so many fossil fuels. There are also many other small choices that we can change about ourselves that would really help reduce the risk or at least slow down global warming; for example, we could drive hybrid cars that reduce gasoline consumption, or we could use public transportation instead of everyone using a car every single day which contributes greatly to global warming and adds up on this issue.

Recycling could also be adopted over time, and in that way, it would be less carbon dioxide produced. All these solutions would help a lot if people actually cared enough for the planet we live on, other species living here with us, or at least about themselves. However, the horrible truth is that people only care about living today and living however they want, not thinking about the consequences their habits can have on everything around them and on them alone too.

Political Perspective on Global Warming

On the other hand, how can we even be concerned about people not being aware of something huge as the problem of global warming when even our president is clearly not aware, or he doesn’t want to be because obviously, he has other issues to be concerned about that seem to be more important to him, like dealing with people that come on this land searching for a better life, or simply ‘immigrants’ how he would call it? Trump himself has been an aggressive critic of climate and climate change for years. He certainly does not believe in global warming and that it is actually happening or that scientists even have proof that it is not just some theory that Trump believes but rather a fact.

More interesting, not only that our president, Donald Trump, doesn’t believe in global warming itself, and in that case, he cannot even do anything to raise awareness among people. He even makes jokes about it very often. By constantly making jokes and having fun while he talks about issues like this, he shows that he is not taking problems that occur in the world and his country seriously at all.

He once, trying to be funny but instead simply showing who he is and why he shouldn’t lead any country once again, asked: “Where the hell is global warming? It’s freezing outside.” He also admitted that he believes in clean air and immaculate air; however, he does not believe in climate change at all.

When it comes to election time in general, the US always brings this topic of global warming into the discussion. Although it is discussed by the candidates, after the politician is elected, it looks like the issue disappears by itself. The candidate promises he will do this, and he will do that, but in the end, nothing seems to be done about it.

In conclusion, there are obviously many, many causes and effects of global warming and greenhouse gases. Sadly, it is more likely that the problems won’t be solved that easily or just disappear unless we take action right now, at this very moment, in order to reduce the risks this issue can bring and prevent all the problems that can be a product of this and all the disasters that would eventually occur.


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