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8 Combat Sexual Harassment: The Me-Too Movement and the Future of Title IX

Introduction In recent years, sexual harassment victims are coming out more and more each day. Enough is enough. Women have been trained that sexual harassment or anything sexual or abusive is part of being a woman. Being treated this way is simply something we shall live with and accept and push through to go on […]

9 Unveiling Street Sexual Harassment: Analyzing the Complexities

Introduction Throughout the YouTube video, 10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman, an actress is harassed by various men while she silently walks in different neighborhoods. This actress appears to be white and in her early twenties. As noted by the video, they recorded over 100 instances of what they classified as harassment, […]

10 Sexual Harassment in the Armed Forces: Challenges, Causes, and Solutions

Introduction Sexual harassment and assault- the sound of those words alone is repulsive. The action is just as sickening as the sound of the title; as horrible as it sounds, it occurs quite often in the Armed Forces. Both genders are equally capable of being victims and perpetrators. Sexual Assault cases are not new to […]

11 Global Perspectives on Sexual Harassment: Challenges and Legal Measures

Introduction We can hardly obtain accurate figures on the incidence of sexual harassment in countries across the world, especially in areas where this topic of sexual harassment is sensitive and cannot be discussed publicly. Therefore, it is difficult to compare the figures among various countries, especially when the victims are reluctant to report. Issues related […]

12 Exploring the Contours of Capital Punishment: Justice or Cruelty?

The idea of ending someone’s life as punishment for a crime committed seems unjust to many, but few believe it is effective. Capital punishment, or “the death penalty,” is when a person is killed by the state in response to a crime of conviction. In 36 states across the United States, “inmates on death row […]

13 Capital Punishment: A Controversial and Costly Solution

There is plenty of controversy surrounding capital punishment. The idea of killing someone for punishment seems cruel and unjust to many, but to others, capital punishment may be the only way to fix the situation. But the truth is, every human has a right to life, and we should not be the ones to take […]

14 The Debate Over Driving Under the Influence: Legal Drinking Age

National Minimum Drinking Age Act and Its Debate 21 is the age every young person looks forward to in America. It is the age when citizens are legally able to drink. This was established in 1984 when Congress passed the National Minimum Drinking Age Act (APIS P 1). Some believe the age should be lowered […]

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