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22 Terrorism’s Invisible Threat: The Rise of Bio-Terrorism

These days, terrorism is the most serious problem in a harmonious society. It can be attacks on air travel, bio-terrorism, or assaults on symbolic sites. About these attacks from terrorism, I think bioterrorism is the most significant threat. Understanding Bioterrorism: Silent, Deadly, and Underestimated What is bio-terrorism? It is a planned release of infectious viruses […]

23 Digital Age Terrorism: Balancing Surveillance, Security, and Ethics

The Rise of Surveillance and Public Safety Street crime has drastically dropped as theft, drug trafficking, and street crime have lowered in places maintaining very large populations. While surveillance is seen as a negative, the idea of a constant security force does not limit criminal intent, regardless of ethics and morality. A lot could be […]

24 The Relationship Between Child Abuse and Parent Education: A Path to Prevention

Introduction In 2017 there were 238,600 intakes requesting an investigation by Child Protective Services. Of those intakes, 807 of them were fatalities (DFPS, 2017). Though these numbers seem large, abuse is underreported. Data from DFPS and the US Census Bureau should be used to strengthen the significance of the study. Body Universal violence and child […]

25 The Lasting Impact of Child Abuse on Individuals and Society

Introduction Without parental interaction and support, these children suffer academically as they score lower on tests and have issues developing language outside of traditional school settings. Other effects of this type of abuse are the higher probability of the child dropping out of school, becoming delinquent, early teen pregnancy, and becoming involved in criminal activity, […]

26 NAEYC’s Stand Against Child Abuse and Its Impact on Early Childhood Education

Introduction The fact that the NAEYC specifically uses the word “deplore” in their position statement about their take on child abuse unmistakably indicates where they stand. The National Association for the Education of Young Children is an organization whose goal is to provide information and research on practice and policy in an effort to promote […]

27 The Impact of Child Abuse on Criminal Behavior: Understanding the Cycle

Introduction The Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse: Later Criminal Consequences articles were informational and interesting to read. Although I read the outcome of the statics that researchers received, I also had the same prediction of the outcome they came up with during their research. Kids who are sexually abused as a child have a higher […]

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