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8 Unraveling the Complex Roots of the Gender Pay Gap in Modern Society

In the 1920s, women earned the right to vote. In the 1960s, women entered the workforce. In the 1970s, women had Roe vs. Wade passed. It’s 2017, and yet women still don’t get paid the same amount as men. The gender wage gap is a blatant act of sexism in which women get paid 80 […]

9 Tackling the Gender Pay Gap: A Fight for Equality and Fairness

Currently, female employees make 18% less per hour and 36% less per week than their comparable male colleagues, and, astoundingly, in many companies, there is also a bonus pattern that favors men. This is simply not acceptable. Women have the right to be paid equally to their male colleagues. The fact that there is a […]

10 Championing Equality: Addressing Ongoing Challenges in Women’s Rights

Gender Disparities in the Women’s Workplace The problem that I am discussing or bringing to attention is Women’s Rights. Guys may think they are physically and mentally better than women, which is opinionable. Some girls are stronger in many ways than guys, but also the other way around. Some females prove their point to get […]

11 Racial Discrimination in Sports: Impact on Players and Societal Perceptions

Abstract This paper will analyze the racial discrimination occurring in European countries in football and basketball in the United States. This will also provide some incidents as professional players tend to face various forms of racial discrimination from people of different ethnicity and color. We will also show how only dark-skinned people are mostly targeted […]

12 Persistent Challenges: Racial Discrimination in the Workplace

Rising Concerns of Discrimination In the year 2016, a total of 91,503 charges were filed by individuals with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission claiming to have been discriminated against during work situations. As society changes, the population can notice that some individuals continue to discriminate against others based on their race. Racism in the […]

13 Pregnancy Discrimination in the American Workplace

The Persistent Issue of Discrimination American business has spent years trying to become more welcoming and advanced to women. But these advances haven’t changed a single thing; it doesn’t matter where their work but how their work. When a woman gets pregnant, they are dropped down the work scale. Throughout the American workplace and public […]

14 Unveiling Discrimination: Police Brutality Against African Americans

According to the research conducted by Weitzer, it is reviewed that people with the identity of African and American are often subjected to different forms of abuse and torture, and a significant number of policemen are convicted in America. They had horribly tortured the prisoners and broke the mental barriers. The news about the seven […]

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