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8 The Harmful Effects of Ocean Pollution and the Urgent Need for Action

Introduction Have you ever been to the beach and expected to see a beautiful, refreshing, and clean environment? Instead, you find a beach that is covered with plastic waste, pieces of metal, and chemicals. For example, in the North Pacific Ocean sits a massive patch. It has been famously known as The Great Pacific Garbage […]

9 Ocean Pollution: Challenges, Efforts, and Impact

Introduction The focus of my group’s project was ocean conservation. The oceans are one of Earth’s best gifts to humans, beautiful ecosystems growing with life that provide fresh food to jobs that millions of people can enjoy. These oceans may seem perfectly fine, and there wouldn’t be any major difficulties and concerns, but that’s not […]

10 The Growing Threat of Climate Change: Impact on Society and Urgent Solutions

Rising Waters, Lost Homes Climate change has been affecting society, especially nowadays. Humans have been affected by climate change in recent years, and many things have happened to communities and society. New things are happening, and hopefully, the new generations can help solve and stop climate change. People have been affected by changes in the […]

11 Addressing Climate Change: The Urgent Need for Collective Action

Human Activities and Greenhouse Gas Impact As we all know, things around us change, whether they are constructing a new building or building up a new factory. We try to create new things for either our survival, taste, or to help. We try to create things for everyone to use happily, but we end up […]

12 Climate Change: Economics, Security, and Global Cooperation

From Global Security to Local Extremes Not only is climate change one of the most critical components in America but also in other countries. Climate change is closely related to economics, national health, and global warming. Sea rise and increasing temperature are the most relevant results that we can see through the excessive use of […]

13 Tackling Climate Change: Livestock Emissions, Clean Power, and Global Agreements

Unreported Livestock Emissions: Overlooking a Major Climate Culprit The permanent damage can cause extreme fluxes in weather and the rising of the oceans. It is also more difficult to control than carbon due to one of its contributors being cows. The meat industry is one of the leading causes of climate change. According to the […]

14 The Multifaceted Impacts of Climate Change on Ecosystems and Human Health

Accelerated Climate Change and its Far-reaching Impacts As usual, the climate is defined as the typical weather of a particular place in a period of time. It means that a place can have various types of climates in different seasons. It also means that climates in different regions can be so diverse. Scientists normally analyze […]

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