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15 Multi-Faceted Impacts and Solutions of Global Warming: The Unfolding Crisis

The Gravity of Global Warming Global Warming is the gradual heating of Earth’s surfaces, oceans, and atmosphere. It is primarily a problem of too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which traps heat and warms the planet. According to Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), we have the largest share of fossil-fuel burning in America. As […]

16 Unveiling Impacts and Active Solutions: The Global Warming Crisis

Understanding Global Warming We all know that we have to do something about global warming. Do you want to have a closer look? You may already have a personal observation from the unusually warmer winters and autumns coming late…let us take a look at some facts about global warming before getting deep inside. For ages, […]

17 Unveiling the Global Warming Challenge and Urging Action

Understanding the Global Phenomenon Concern as it does now. No matter how much we know about it, we as a society seem to ignore the future disasters that global warming will bring. We all have an obligation to reduce the consequences of this issue as much as we can because it is a global problem […]

18 The Alarming Threat of Global Warming: A Call to Action for a Future

The Global Warming Controversy The issue of global warming has become a growing concern over the last few years. Although our president doesn’t seem to believe this is an issue, I believe it is a growing problem that will have a significant impact on the future and the Earth. Many people believe it is caused […]

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