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9 Movie Review: Nolan’s ‘Dunkirk’ – WWII’s Cinematic Brilliance

The Evolution of ‘Dunkirk’: Told from Air, Land, and Sea In May 1940, Allied troops were flanked by Germany on the Shores of Dunkirk, France. Although safety was just a skip across the channel, troops could not get there, the waters were too shallow for warships, and the channel was flooded with German U-boats. The […]

10 Federalism: Contrasting India and Pakistan’s Structures

The choice of federal structure adopted by India and Pakistan after independence was shaped by the unique historical, political, and cultural contexts of each country. While both countries opted for a federal system of Government, there were significant divergences in the way that power was distributed between the central Government and the states or provinces, […]

11 Federalism’s Role and Influence in the American Political Landscape

Federalism’s Roots: Philosophers Hobbes and Locke’s Views One of the first philosophical and historical influences on the founders of the United States government was Thomas Hobbes. Thomas Hobbs was an English philosopher who wrote the book Leviathan. In this book, he stated that people are incapable of ruling themselves due to how ugly and selfish […]

12 Complexities of the War on Drugs: A Critical Analysis of Addiction Treatment

Understanding Addiction When the word “addiction” is mentioned often, it is thought that it only happens to the so-called ‘bad’ people who were poor or grew up on the streets. Some people believe it to be something that would never happen to them or to people they know and love. When, in fact, it happens […]

13 Complexities of Drug Abuse and the War on Drugs: The Growing Epidemic

Introduction Throughout the centuries, our history has shown us the war on drugs, the battles of addictions, and how both the war and the addictions have gotten bigger throughout the years. The drugs are so popular that people take them for pleasure and for pain. And the war on drugs is a cruel joke in […]

14 Examining the War on Drugs and Its Impact: Unveiling the Illusion

Reagan’s Hidden Agenda in the War on Drugs President Ronald Reagan’s administration has come out admitting that the “War on Drugs wasn’t about drugs, but about abolishing those that opposed the government, the anti-war lefts and blacks” (Coyne and Hall). So has this Drug War failed, or accomplished exactly what the government wanted? If causing […]

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