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15 The Story of an Hour: Breaking African Stereotypes in the West

Battling Misconceptions: The African Experience in America The story About Africa has never changed as a single story, which has created stereotypes and myths of African life. When a unique story is appraised, it becomes the only story and ends up being everyone`s perspective of the story. Growing up in a rural-urban African village in […]

17 Asthma and Sexual Health: Balancing Challenges, Solutions, and Awareness

Asthma can be very tough when you want a healthy sex life. Perhaps it’s already ruining yours. When Berlin sang ‘Take My Breath Away,’ that’s not quite what they meant. Wheezing and coughing during your performance is not a good sex life. Asthma And Sex Hormones The effect of asthma on sex hormones starts in […]

18 Understanding Asthma: Impacts, Symptoms, and Everyday Challenges

Identifying Asthma: Symptoms, Testing, and Personal Experiences Asthma Asthma is where when your airways are swollen or inflamed. Asthma is chronic, so you deal with it every single day. Some cases of Asmtha are that bad, but some can be life-threatening. Asmatham can make your airways sensitive to the environment. Also, a thing that can […]

19 Addressing Global Nursing Shortages: Causes, Impacts, and Solutions

“Comparative Analysis of Nursing Shortage” by Lauren Littlejohn, Jacquelyn Campbell, and Janice Collins-McNeil The authors of the article provide a comparative analysis of the problem of nursing shortage in three countries around the world, including the United States, the Philippines, and South Africa. Moreover, they offer a logical background of the issue by indicating that […]

20 Tackling Nursing Shortage: Strategies for Workforce Retention & Patient Care

Challenges, Rewards, and Shortages Nursing is a profession that many aspire to pursue. Nurses are well-trained to take care of patients and offer advice to individuals on ways to keep fit. For an exceptional job in the nursing profession, nurses need to be ready to meet the numerous challenges that exist in the healthcare sector. […]

21 Strategies for EBP Amid Nursing Shortage in Hong Kong

Introduction The biggest challenge for Hong Kong’s health care system is to provide an efficient service for patients. On 20 January 2019, around one hundred members of the Association of Hong Kong Nursing Staff gathered outside government headquarters to voice out the problems of critical manpower shortage and lack of ward space and resources. The […]

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