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15 Artistic Paths to Social Justice Environmental Advocacy & Farm Workers’ Struggles

Introduction In most cases, matters of social justice entail advocacy of laws that enforce similar treatment to all people. Outspoken people have expressed their views on social justice by using literature as a tool to bring to attention issues related to the environment and politics. Regarding the weight of such issues in society, Mark Hamilton […]

16 Martin Luther’s Complex Views on Witches & Devil

Luther on the Devil’s Role in Society “Out of special hatred for our faith, the devil has sent some whores here to destroy our poor young men. Such syphilitic whore can poison ten, twenty, thirty, or more of the children of good people, and this is to be considered a murderer, or worse, as a […]

17 Empowering Girls: MLK’s Game-Changing Legacy

Here at Girls in the Game, it’s our mission to empower girls to be game changers. Our unique health, leadership, and sports-based programs are designed to encourage girls of all ages to boldly pursue their dreams. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is the perfect example of a game changer who said, “I have a dream,” […]

18 Martin Luther: The Monk Who Challenged the Catholic Church’s Might

Martin Luther and the Battle Against Church Corruption Martin Luther, born in Germany in 1483, grew up to be a monk, priest, Theology professor, and an important figure in the protestant reformation movement. He originally became a monk because of his concern for salvation. This all led him to become a Theology professor, and through […]

19 Feminism Unraveled: Misconceptions and Global Female Experiences

Feminism Through the Ages: From Suffrage to Modern Misconceptions It started with the first wave of feminism—which began in the 18th century—and followed into the 20th. The first wave focused mainly on women having the right to vote. Women all over the Western world protested, holding up signs and demanding the right to vote. Then […]

20 Feminism Defined: Intersectionality and Global Equality

Feminism’s Layers: Kimberle Crenshaw, Intersectionality, and the Complex Tapestry of Female Experience When Kimberle Crenshaw first coined the term intersectionality, her purpose was to bridge the gaps that so many people failed to recognize. She did it for her race, her gender, and for those like her who so heavily shared her insurmountable need for […]

21 Gender Equality in Sports: Overcoming Stereotypes

Introduction Gender inequality is a broad topic that can be examined in many different aspects. Today, Gender inequality is a huge issue, and this issue should be addressed, and we should act. I feel that it is very unfair how men and women get treated unequally. A woman and a male can work the same […]

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