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8 Equity and Accountability: The DACA Dilemma and Immigrant Youth

DACA: Empowering a Better Life for Undocumented Youth Should one be held accountable for the acts and/or decisions of others? As a minor, most, if not all, of our decisions are made by our parents, including where we live and relocating. Many immigrants did not choose to move to a new country illegally. It was […]

9 Exploring Immigration: A Focus on DACA and Its Implications

Historical Context: Native Americans and Early Settlers Let’s start by saying that we are all immigrants; the only exception would have to be the Native Americans. Native Americans were the first to get to America; exactly how they got to America is still a mystery. Settlers began to claim Indian land; some Indians resisted and […]

10 An Analysis of DACA, Travel Bans, and Border Security

The DACA Conundrum: A Battle for the Dreamers President Trump fights for the American people and their industries. This is also the reason why Trump is initiating and pushing these immigration laws. He wants to help protect the jobs of American citizens. In the article “Donald Trump on Immigration,” author Kimberly Amadeo illustrates the pros […]

11 Navigating America’s Future: The DACA Dilemma and Immigration Policy

Separating Families: The Impact of “Zero Tolerance” Policy For all of America’s history, we’ve always had people who migrated here for different reasons. One of the major ones is that America is seen as the land of opportunity. In the land of the free, many people come from more hostile areas or just do not […]

12 Navigating Free Speech and Social Justice on College Campuses

Violence Erupts over Controversial Speakers There was a battle over college free speech at Auburn University. Free discourse came to fisticuffs before extreme right white patriot Richard Spencer could even start his discourse at Auburn University. Understudies enclosing the fight said a Spencer supporter started jawing with an Antifa, or hostile to fundamentalist, dissenter over […]

13 Social Justice through Workplace Fairness: Impact on Well-being & Success

Workplace Fairness: Catalyst for Motivation and Well-being This article discusses how justice at work is vital to employee motivation, health, and well-being. Justice in the workplace is more known as “workplace fairness,” and it has three critical drivers, which are distributive, procedural, and interactional justice. In distributive justice, personnel want to sense that distribution is […]

14 Environmental Interventions for Social Justice: Imperial County’s Pollution Crisis

Unveiling Environmental Health Priorities: Imperial County’s Toxic Pollution Challenge Aguilera, author of the article “Living in one of the Most Polluted Places in California,” wrote that Imperial County is among the most polluted places in America. The air quality in the County is below federal air quality standards. The air quality is so toxic that […]

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