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8 Unpacking the GMO Controversy: From Cultural Foods to Global Policy

Cultural Foods and Their Deep-rooted Significance Every culture enjoys food. All cultures have at least one specific National Dish they call their own. Tastes and certain smells can jog our memory, taking us back to a certain period in our lives. It’s factual that we need food to survive. Food also brings us pleasure, comfort, […]

9 Roe V Wade’s Guide: Top Strength Training Techniques

Roe V Wade Dives into the Efficiency of Super Sets Man has always sought to be stronger and faster since as early as Ancient Greece in the first Olympic games. As such, man is in search of the best way to get strong and stay strong throughout their lifetime. Training has evolved much since then, […]

10 Cultural Appropriation: Chinese vs. Mexican Health Practices in Nursing

Cultural Appropriation: Chinese vs. Mexican Communication According to Murphy, Kathryn DNS, APRN, “culturally competent care includes knowledge, attitude, and skills that support caring for people across different languages and cultures. Culture influences not only health practices but also how the healthcare provider and the patient perceive illness.” Being culturally competent, nurses can appreciate other people […]

11 Exploring Women’s Daily Challenges: Health, Rights, and Equality

Daily Struggles: Unseen Challenges Faced by Women Have you ever wondered about the things women go through daily? To begin, a woman is a harder worker than you think. Men think that they can do better than us, but the truth is there are a few things that women go through that men will just […]

12 Answering the Calling: Nurses as Society’s Pillars of Health

The Historical Significance and Current Need for Nurses The society that we live in has roles. Everyone must play theirs for all the moving parts of society to function as a whole. In my opinion, the most important people in society are those who care for the weak, the ill, and the old. That is […]

13 Evolution of Nursing: From Ancient Roots to Modern Impact

The Enduring Role of Nursing in Society As the population grows in the world, the demand for hot jobs rises, and the production of anything provides opportunities for people to work. Many jobs in today’s world did not exist at the beginning, but those that did have become more efficient for the people. One of […]

14 Nursing: Beyond Profession to Passion and Purpose

The Multifaceted Roles of a Nurse: Opportunities and Aspirations Nursing is a role filled with endless opportunities that can allow one to help others while helping themselves; subsequently, nursing can take on many meanings and titles, but to me, being a nurse means being an exemplary employee and a well-rounded caretaker for your patients. Most […]

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